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Our Story

Michael's Story
In my village, the story of being part of coffee farming begins the moment you are born. My mom either carried me on her back every time she went coffee picking or made a make-shift sleeping area underneath a coffee tree...'don't forget, it starts at dawn'....
By the time I was in first grade or Standard one as we call it back there, my blood had already been transformed into a future coffee farmer. 
As we grew up, we understood the benefits of our hard labor which came in the form of school fees/supplies, new Christmas clothes, nice food, as well as a sense of peace and happiness in the community. Our community's economy was on a steady growth, with a vision which did not create even a single doubt on what we were destined to become as a community. 
Then came the wrath of skewed politicians, whose greed ignored the common sense of investing back to the communities which gave them the power to be their leaders. Resources were cut, middlemen took the lion's share of what used to be the farmer's glory, on and on until coffee farming became a less priority option, or to some farmers, a thing of the past.
Present Story
Coffee farming in Michael's village has taken the worst twist in decades. Farmers are no longer motivated to care for these golden trees, which have seen most of their children achieve great careers.
At Kahawa Cup we are dedicated to turn things around, and see the farmers take pride in their hard work again.